Monday, February 20, 2017

Something is Happening Reflection

Flickr: Something is Happening

Reflection: This project slowly took form as I listened to other people's perceptions of everyday life. Quickly I noticed a common focus disparate from any of my own. Some of them had a magnifying lens directed at the ordinary. They saw magnificent beauty in the mundane. Anxiety pushes me to focus on the future, or to reflect on the past, and rarely do I find myself appreciating the moment. This is in part the result of the pace of post-modern American life. So I took that idea and applied it to my photography. I attempted portray the detail in the physicality of common elements found throughout daily life. In a sense to reclaim what has been taken from me. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the results. For one, the whole thing seems rather shallow and obvious as I reflect on it. I didn't succeed in removing the preoccupations that surround me. Maybe I should have heeded McLuhan's advice, when he says "Their [environment's] groundrules, pervasive structure, and overall patterns elude easy perception" (McLuhan p.84-85). It simply may have never been possible for me to effectively deconstruct the minutia without removing myself form the environment. I am not an outsider, as Robert Frank was to 1950's American society.